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Experiential Hospitality


This is a new modular hotel and retreat product brought to you and co-created by the award winning architectural teams and partners. Simple concept of Buy. Earn. Stay.

This new partnership designs, furnishes and delivers design-led, sustainable tiny houses on wheels specifically for the hotel and leisure industry. A 'tiny house' is a house on wheels that can be added to a property without violating building or planning laws because they are considered caravans by most shires. This means you can place a 'tiny house' on wheels on an unbuildable lot and still enjoy the benefits of your tiny house ownership. Being on wheels allows you to move your tiny house anytime! 

We redefine prefabricated, modular hotels and retreats dedicated to creating  experiences for escapism.

“Tiny Assets is working with ambitious partners to disrupt the current hospitality and tourism accommodation model in Australia and other parts of the world. Everyone can be a part of this revolutionary model.”

— Adrian Chia - Co-Founder Tiny Assets


About Tiny Assets

Tiny Assets is a Big Tiny company. Big Tiny started its roots in Singapore and it is the first company in Singapore to integrate the concept of tiny houses with eco-tourism. The company has a presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Tiny Assets is a fully owned subsidiary of Big Tiny and it is set up specially to handle the sales, marketing and management of the experiential getaway.

A daring dream holds Big Tiny together. A dream to improve the lives of rural farmers and city dwellers through the products of Big Tiny. The dream started with a young man from Singapore (one of the most densely populated cities in the world), recharging himself in a farm in Australia. It was the perfect get away from the hectic and digital lifestyle of a city dweller, accompanied by vast greenery and beautiful sunsets. He wished there would be more spaces like this for city dwellers to recharge.

This young man observed the hardship faced by many rural farmers where their livelihood depends on Mother Nature. He wished more could be done for the farmers.

With these two stakeholders in mind, the concept of Big Tiny was born. Big Tiny is the first company in Singapore to integrate the concept of “tiny houses” with eco-tourism. “Tiny houses” are part of an international trend of simplifying lives by reducing the size, and therefore the resource consumption, of homes without sacrificing quality of life. Big Tiny takes the movement one step further by placing its beautifully designed, handcrafted compact homes on wheels in spectacular rural settings. The intent – to amplify the benefits of the “tiny house” movement by pairing the advantages of a thoughtfully efficient abode with the recharging potential of an intimate connection with Mother Nature.


Our Presence Around The World




15 Yishun Industrial Street 1, Win 5, #02-15,

Singapore 768091


Tel: +65 6525 5282

Campbellfield Factory Big Tiny.jpeg


Production Facility/ Showroom

3/23-25 Lara Way,


VIC 3061, Australia




25th Floor, Workington Tower,

78 Bonham Strand,

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong



Production Facility/ Showroom

No 43 Jalan SME 3, Kawansan Perindustian SME, Bandar Indahpura, 81000, Kulai, Johor, Malaysia

Tel: +65 6208 3862

Sydney (1).jpg


Production Facility/ Showroom

294 Palmyra Avenue,

Shanes Park,

NSW 2747


00023 TINYAWAY - 5 HILLS - SJL Photograp

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